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Foreign used motor vehicles have become a major import to Trinidad and Tobago over the last decade. In fact it is often blamed for the traffic congestion on the roadways as a large segment of the population is now able to afford vehicle ownership. While the laws of the country allow individuals to import these vehicles on their own, the vast majority of buyers depend on private companies to make the purchases on their behalf. This has given rise over the years to a hosts of entrepenuers that have setup companies specialising in the import of roll on-roll offs, as the vehicles are called.The need for parts to maintain these vehicles have also given rise to businesses specialising in the import and sales of foreign used parts, as they are often called. These companies have clients not only locally but also in other caribbean states.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Car Parts TT the preferred shopping destination by delivering

Commitment to ultimate satisfaction and happiness of our associates

Continuously building the trust and loyalty of our customers

Delivering a delightful, pleasurable and safe shopping experience to all

Caring for our community and environment

Our Vision

The vision of Car Parts TT is to be the best retail outlet of the community, through offering the best products not only on time but also provide efficient customer service.

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